December 7th, 2023

Spreading Roots, Growing Saints Campaign


It has been just over 6 weeks since our campaign kickoff event on 10/19, and we want to keep you updated with the progress we have made so far. As a reminder, the bullet points below spell out the Spreading Roots, Growing Saints campaign plan:


The uncertain timeline of FEMA realization has led us to begin this campaign prior to receiving these funds. 
After countless meetings with diocesan advisors and FEMA consultants we have created a plan that allows us to raise funds for the new campus without compromising the obligation coming from FEMA. 


Our goal from the beginning has always been to get our students to the new campus. To make this happen, we will need a main academic building, athletic pavilion, and practice field. This is the first phase of our campaign in which we need to fundraise our cost share of the project.  


With all of this in mind, we are happy to share that we already have roughly $6.7 million fundraised since the campaign kickoff event. We are off to a fantastic start during this silent phase of the campaign! When this campaign goes public in the near future, we will certainly need all the members of the St. Louis Catholic community to secure pledges. However, at this time campaign leadership is concentrating on lead gifts that can make an extraordinary impact towards our goal. We will continue to keep you updated towards our progress and let you know the best ways for you to contribute.